"Simon Šerc‘s Bora Scura joins an extremely elite group, led by Lawrence English’s Viento and Daniel Menche’s Wind. Meteorologists, take note." - A Closer Listen

"Simon presents to us high-quality, detailed recorded audio-documents of a natural disaster." - Musique Machine

"What makes Bora Scura unique? This release documents the effects of the harshest of natural winds." - Noise Beneath The Snow Magazine

"I’d expect this kind of extreme weather on the South Pole not in Europe." - Idwal Fisher

"This album has really impressed me. I’ve went back to it over and over through the weeks since I first heard it." - This is Darkness Magazine

"Bora Scura is razend spannend en laat je niet onberoerd. Het is adembenemend en fascinerend." - Opduvel

"This is a true record of a sideways, twisting, churning severe air pressure system that never lets go in its hour plus power play of unrest." - Tone Shift


Duration: 73 min.