"Pitch" is a solo-release by the Swiss drummer/percussionist Daniel Buess (MIR, Ensemble Phoenix Basel, CORTEX etc.). It contains four solo-tracks with percussion- and electronic sounds plus one trio, feat. Cal Lyall (guitar) and Kikuchi Yukinori (electronics), recorded live in Nagoya, Japan, during the "Jolt Festival, Extremities"-Tour in 2012. Daniel explores in his solo-work the endless fields of noise and deformed percussion-sounds by the use of self designed instruments. Harsh electronics merge with powerful ritualistic drums, strange, detuned percussive strings meet dark soundscapes and crushing jolts of shockwave. Extreme frequencies and pulsating, moving sound-fields get to one big zone of organised sound. "Pitch" is dedicated to Zbigniew Karkowski who passed away in Peru exactly one year ago, on the 12.12.2013


Duration: 53 min.