Mike Browning is a well known name into the death metal scene as he played with bands of the likes of Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Incubus, Acheron and in his latest one: After Death. If you listen to "Inner workings", "The edge of the universe", "The weeping of the angels" and "The swirling abyss" you realize that something was really going on and the particular Scott Clark panels you find on the outer and inner cover of the CD help giving to the album an occult atmosphere. Prepare yourself for fifty minutes of synth sounds with no drums and full of obscure moments.
(Chain DLK)

If you're into dark soundscapes and 'kosmische' synthesizer music this definitely is one of the better releases, particularly of recent times. These days there seems to be kind of kraut-rock revival going on, but Mike Browning's Inner Workings, while fitting the tradition, stays away from becoming a pastiche of times long gone. The Photoshopheavy artwork, I must admit, is a bit less to my liking, but the music is surpassing my expectations by far and an interesting and dark trip into inner space.
(Musique Machine)

"Trancemissions" e quindi un'opera di difficile assimilazione, sia per le modalita della sua genesi che per la volonta di cimentarsi con uno stile non certo nuovo ma sempre altamente sperimentale, e va da sé che siamo distanti anni luce dai fasti extreme-metal del sig. Browning. Per dirla con le parole dello stesso Mike: "It's pure magick!". Se siete curiosi di scoprire questa nuova incarnazione dell'indimenticato musicista di Tampa, oppure se siete semplicemente attratti dalle sonorita piu sperimentali, fateci un pensiero.
(Darkroom Magazine)

People, who followed the heydays of death metal, would have heard of the project Nocturnus that revolutionized the scene with its use of synthesizer to create sinister atmospheres in the symphonies of grinding metal. As soon as I saw the cover of this present CD-album by Mike Browning Inner Workings, I was reminded by the debut-album of Nocturnus, "The key" released on the legendary Earache label back in 1991. From the opening track titled "Inner workings" consisting of threatening thick drones and buzzing noises swirling in the background to the more melodic yet sinister work "The edge of the universe" that almost reminds of the John Williams theme to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. A radical change by the ex-drummer and vocalist of death metal projects that apart from Nocturnus also counts Morbid Angel and Incubus – a radical change that actually does quite well on this debut album.
(Vital Weekly)

Hinter dem Projekt verbirgt sich, wer hätte das gedacht, Mike Browning, den einige vielleicht vom Morbid Angel Album "Abominations of the Desecrated" und diversen anderen Bands der Death-Metal-Szene aus Florida kennen und der auf seiner neuesten Veröffentlichung lediglich zwei Keyboards benutzt.Musiker aus dem extremen Metal-Bereich improvisieren Ambientmusik.

Na božic leta 2005 je Mike Browning kanaliziral sile iz druge dimenzije. Po ukazu glasov je prikljucil dve klaviaturi in se predal muziciranju. Rezultat tega neposrednega kanaliziranja je album Inner Workings, ki ga je Browning nespremenjenega in brez naknadnih obdelav izdal pri založbi Pharmafabrik. Gre za elektronsko generirano glasbo, za tok zvoka, ki se brez oprijemljivih sidrišc razgrinja pred poslušalca. Inner Workings je zanimiv elektronski album s paranormalno dimenzijo, ki lahko služi kot sredstvo za poslušalcevo potapljanje v tuje svetove in dimenzije, v hladno in prazno vesolje, kjer na cloveka caka nešteto novih, še nikoli videnih stvari.

The soaring electronic ambient drones take you back to the seventies, the works of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and the likes. Also a reference to John Carpenter's soundtrack work can be made, but the endresult is quite unique. It's interesting how time sort of rehabilitates synthesizers of the eighties (the Korg being from 1982 and the Yamaha even from 1990). Perhaps the spirits really took control and made the soundscapes convincingly spooky and moody. The four tracks are on this disc as they happened during that black mass, without overdubs. Even though, by nature, it's not music that follows any traditional progressions the sounds don't appear like aimless searching, which only confirms Browning's claims of course.

Mike Browning, der hier sein neuestes Projekt Inner Workings vorstellt, ist einigen vielleicht aus der Death Metal Szene bekannt. Dort ist er nämlich bereits seit 1984 unter anderen mit Bands wie Morbid Angel, Nocturnus und Incubus unterwegs, vornehmlich als Drummer oder „Sänger“, sofern man in dieser Szene davon reden kann. Inner Workings schlägt da eine ganz andere Richtung ein.
(Musik Terrorverlag)

Dem einschlägigen (Death-) Metal Fan dürfte der Namen Mike Browning etwas sagen, er spielte in den 80ern bei Kult-Kapellen wie Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Incubus, After Death und Acheron, die allesamt mit ihren Alben überzeugen konnte. Mike Browning kaufte sich zwei Keyboards und kreierte die Hintergrundmusik für eine “schwarze Messe” zu Halloween (2004) im Splattergod’s Record Store in Florida, wo ihm angeblich die Erleuchtung kam, dass diese Art der Tonkunst am Besten seine Gedanken und Gefühle transportieren würde. Das schöne von Scott Clark gestaltete Artwork passt definitiv nicht zu diesem Ambientsounds, sondern ehr zu Death Metal Releases, die im Old School haften.