A label with ideas and innovative musical views. The result is a fantastic album with dark and colourful like a butterfly. An innovative and bewitching album; with a deep atmosphere. A must have!
(Cuemix Magazine)

From IDM to industrial to electronica to drum & bass and so on and so forth, Signia is a good example that great minds don't always think alike.
(ReGen Magazine)

On Signia we are dealing with a musical expression of truly renewing free minds.

Eden izmed najboljših izdelkov letošnjega leta. Zveni moderno, eklekticno, cvrsto. 10 modernih produkcij, skoordiniranih iz naše majhne državice.

The label (or the band) chose the top notch of genre's artists to remix that track. They expanded, liquefied, raped the original track turning it into an ambient, industrial, dub, guitar i.d.m., experimental electronica, jazzy ambient track.
(Chain DLK)

Wer von dem ganzen "Mainstreamdreck" die Nase gestrichen voll hat, sollte diesem Album "Signia" von Pure H sein Gehör schenken. Zum Entspannen und Abschalten vom stressigen Alltagsleben bestens geeignet!

Prvoborci domacega elektro preporoda v devetdesetih, pogojno celo novorockerji, so težak, mracen, minimalisticno-psihadelicen, ambientalni izvirnik v remiksanje ponudili svetovno uveljavljenim predstavnikom razlicnih zvrsti elektro godb.
(RTV Slovenija)

Un CD consigliato a chi vuole scoprire il presente e il futuro dell’etichetta, coadiuvato dalla presenza di importanti nomi della scena elettronica, i quali fanno da garanti per la qualità del lavoro di Pureh e della label slovena a lui legata.
(Twilight Zone)

Un disco notevole, sonorità scure e inquietanti quasi una colonna sonora spettrale per incubi terrorizzanti.

The noisy beast from legendary Japanese Noise-artist KK Null makes sure that the listener will not leave the 77 minutes tribute without ear pain, an awesome ambient noise-track and a great way of closing this very interesting compilation.
(Vital Weekly)

Pureh has chosen to seamlessly blend the tracks on "Signia," in so doing creating a kind of meta-remix of melted partitions and fused components, or perhaps even an inauguration of the end of "Signia" history in the present moment
(Conexxion Bizzare)

Each piece seamlessly flows into the next, turning the album into a 76-minute, one-way trip to Hades.

Hier ist die Schnittstelle zwischen Hochkultur und Popkultur in diesem Werk vereint.

Freunde jedweder elektronischer Musik dürfen aber in jedem Fall zugreifen, finden dürfte sich für jeden Geschmack etwas.

Hrabra slovenska eksperimentiranja, sve u svemu, vrlo eksperimentalna glazba koja se baš ne može slušati u bilo koje doba dana.

Ne znam dal je ulazak u europsku uniju imao kakvih utjecaja na ovu slovensku skupinu, no, ovo je album na europskom nivou, ako vec ne na svjetskom.

Un’ora sedici minuti e ventitre secondi da scoprire. Consigliato ad orecchie attente e pretenziose, abituate al risvolto più cupo dello sperimentalismo.

Revisiting one track off of their “Anadonia”, “Signia” is simply a stunning showing of how diverse the electronic world of music truly is. Perfect.

I like the cold and groovy opening “Vision Rising”-cut remixed by Eraldo Bernocchi and the heavier and industrial sounding “Enslaved Population” remixed by DJ Surgeon.

Qui siamo di fronte ad autentiche manipolazioni sonore di musica che già in origine esce dagli schemi, ed il risultato è pertanto consigliabile quasi esclusivamente ai cultori dei nomi coinvolti ed agli 'psiconauti' più avventurosi, nonché agli amanti della sperimentazione sonora di qualità.

Really there is never a dull moment in through out it’s 77 minutes running time and it all seems to fit together perfectly the tracks sequenced for ultimate effect and atmosphere.
(Judass Kiss)

Signia is quite Laswellian release without Laswell being involved, but likely to appeal to those into the ambient dub output by the man, but in spite of its global nature there's no world influence as such.
(Musique Machine)

Et l'inconvénient pressenti, de devenir un véritable avantage, quand après plusieurs écoutes, on finit face à cette conception de l'électro, qu'on aime retrouver : plurielle et innovante. L'effet "bordélique" évité, et mis de côté quelques longueurs, on peut reconnaître là une réelle réussite.

Que dan precisamente un cierre de excepción a ésta recopilación llevándonos en el aire a un fluído momento de libertad que hace despertar nuestras conciencias con ciertos peaks para llevarnos a la perdición y oscuridad mas profunda. Un disco interesante que no deja de sorprender y que puede aportar nuevas vistas a los que siguen éste estilo de música.

Signia ist bestimmt nicht die CD die ich jeden Tag hören möchte, doch es gibt so gewisse Momente wo sie genau passt.Wer keine Berührungsängste mit Ambient hat, darf hier getrost ein Ohr riskieren.

Anyone who was listening to music of that ilk in the mid to late '90s (led by prolific artists such as Bill Laswell, Mick Harris, and Justin Broadrick) will recall names like Eraldo Bernocchi, P.C.M., D.J. Surgeon, and K.K. Null, who all appear on here.

The interpretations have been approached from various different genres such as industrial noise, isolationist ambient, dub and drum ‘n bass with heavy basslines, percussion and guitar drones as reoccurring sounds.

Organic and beautiful complex experimental things, which combine the elements of rather gloomy futuristic or mystical ambiental, rhythmical strokings.
(Machinist Music)

Compositions are built so that each subsequent track is even more shizoid than previous.

Signia ist ein hörbares aber verqueres Album, welches seine Zeit benötigt, um das eine oder andere individuelle Highlight zu finden.

Sliced and diced vocal snippets and crackling glitches emanate from a cauldron of horror movie strings - then give way to lurching, tribal loops with shrieking and chanting circling above.
(All Music Guide)